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High-performance adhesives prove effective in agri equipment maintenance

Keeping agricultural equipment in top running condition is a priority for farmers, as any downtime due to a lack of maintenance can have a major impact on productivity. Pratley has a wide range of products that can assist farmers in carrying out repairs quickly and cost-effectively, explains Pratley’s National Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Bell...readmore

The silicone gasket maker that’s ‘sensor-safe’

A tough and elastic silicone for superior sealing is available from Pratley in the form of its RTV Silicone Grey Gasket Maker. This high-quality silicone-based sealing compound cures at room temperature to form a tough, superior elastic rubber seal that’s ideal for gasket making in the automotive repair market. ...readmore

Unique crystal-clear DIY glass adhesive

Formulated and manufactured for glass-to-glass repairs or projects, Pratley UV Bond is a single-part, crystal-clear glass adhesive that cures in direct sunlight or under a UV light or torch. Being the only crystal-clear DIY glass adhesive on the market, sales of Pratley UV Bond have increased significantly since its launch in 2013, explains Pratley National Sales Manager Mark Bell.  ...readmore

The passing of a Pratley Icon

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Managing Director, Mr. Kim Pratley on 19 January 2021. He joined the company in 1979 after graduating from Wits University as a Mechanical Engineer. In 1983, after the passing of his father, George “Monty” Pratley, he took over the Company’s leadership at the age of 27. Mr. Pratley was a man loved and admired by many, and recognised as an inventor, innovative leader, keen aviator and industry icon.  ...readmore

The ideal structural bonding adhesive for demanding applications

Pratley SP020® is a sophisticated third-generation acrylic adhesive suited for demanding industrial, aerospace and assembly applications.“Pratley SP020® is the ideal replacement for spot welds and rivets,” highlights Pratley Adhesives Marketing Manager Mark Bell. ...readmore

Pratley to continue to focus on innovation and exports in 2020

After successfully launching a range of new products this year, Pratley will embark on the second phase of its innovation strategy in 2020, CEO Kim Pratley reveals. “A lot of the development work we have undertaken has come to fruition now. Hence we are looking to launch quite a few new products in the New Year, while the next phase of our product development will probably commence mid-year.” ...readmore

Make a Venom Halloween mask from FrogzEggz®

The mask was designed by Tharina Malan from Pratley, originally to be a movable half-mask that allows the wearer to speak and see through the eyepiece. It can be simplified to make it a solid mask, instead of having a separate jaw piece. ...readmore